How To Try Ubuntu Online

Most people reading this article will be Ubuntu (or Linux) users and therefore don’t really need to try out Ubuntu. But if you’re anything like me then you will enjoy introducing new peopl... » An Answer To Unwanted Email Subscriptions

Do you find that when you get up in the morning you have numerous emails but only one or two are actually of any use to you? Do you receive regular emails that annoy you but you just don’t get t... »

How To Disable The Guest Session In Ubuntu 12.04

If you’re anything like me then you probably have your own machine that you use on a day to day basis that no one else will ever really use. Therefore you may not want to have the Guest Session ... »

Gnome ‘App Centre’ On It’s Way

Anyone who uses Gnome 3 or has any kind of vested interested in the Open Source community will know that the Gnome 3.6 update is well under way. The new version will bring a host of new features and ... »

Window-List Application Indicator

Some people love Unity, others hate it. Personally I’m in the lovers camp, but one thing that I do miss at times is having a list of all current open windows available to me. I know that you hav... »

How Much Do We Rely On ‘The Cloud’?

How Much Do We Rely On ‘The Cloud’?

I was recently having a conversation with a work colleague about cloud storage, he uses Dropbox and I use Ubuntu One. We were discussing the differences between the two services and also the advantage... »

Ubuntu Tweak 0.7.2 Released

The newest version of the brilliant Ubuntu Tweak has been released. For those of you that don’t know, Ubuntu Tweak is an extremely powerful system utility that can be used to change many things ... »

Google Tablet On It’s Way

Today in the internet blogosphere, an Asus employee ‘let slip’ that they were in the process of making an official Google Nexus Tablet. According to this employee, the tablet will make an ... »

Speed Up Ubuntu With Preload

What is Preload? This is what most of you might be asking. Well my fellow Ubuntuers, Preload is an ‘Adaptive readahead daemon’. In English this basically means that Preloaded sits in the b... »

How To Correctly Partition Ubuntu

Following on from my recent article about Linux File System defragmentation, people have asked me how to correctly partition their machines to run Ubuntu. In particular, to do things like dual boot wi... »

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