Outlook.com Adds IMAP & OAuth Integration


Microsoft have finally added IMAP & OAuth integration to their free email offering, Outlook.com. In a move to attract more users to the platform, will this be enough to to break into the giant that is Gmail?

IMAP has been an email standard for over 20 years now, and all major (and most minor) email services do provide IMAP support. So when Microsoft updated Hotmail to Outlook.com, and deliberately left out IMAP integration in favour of Exchange integration, it was met with a lot of resistance. The Exchange integration is a great on Outlook.com, it allows you to easily connect most smartphones to your accoutn so that you can sync your mail, contacts, and calendar.

But the vast majority of people still use IMAP, so it’s nice to see that Microsoft are finally starting to wake up and conform to standards that are very well established. I wonder if this is a sign of Microsoft realising that the world is changing, and they’re not quite the dominant force that they once were, so they cannot simply dictate how people use their technology any more.

Personally I’m not an Outlook.com user, so I would love to hear the thoughts from some Outlook.com users out there. Have you been forced to move away from Outlook.com for reasons like this? Or do you love it and feel that IMAP wasn’t really necessary anyway? Please feel free to tell us your thoughts below.

Source – Outlook.com blog.

Outlook.com Adds IMAP & OAuth Integration
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  • http://www.go2linux.org/ Guillermo Garron

    I use it, but not too much. I think that it is good to have Imap support, but actually not a must. If on a PC you can use the web interface, while on mobile, you use Exchange Active sync.

    But, the more protocols the better. I use Thunderbird in both my Linux and Mac computers.