Osmos The Most Addictive Game Ever!

One of the great things about the advances in mobile technology is the sheer brilliance of the games and apps that we can use on our devices. Personally, I really enjoy puzzle games; and having a bunch of them with me at all times on my phone is great. Once such game that I have recently found is Osmos.

What is Osmos?

Well basically, you play the part of what can only be described as some sort of beautiful bacteria, dubbed a ‘Mote’ who’s job it is to absorb smaller Motes in order to become the biggest in the game.

The game play is extremely simple (which adds to it’s brilliance for me). You move your Mote by simple taps of the screen in order to thrust it in a particular direction. Be careful though because the more you tap the smaller you become.

The graphics on Osmos are quite simply stunning and whilst Osmos is nothing new in terms of it’s genre, it definitely has me addicted. You can pick up a free Osmos demo from the Google Play Store or you can buy the full version for £1.86 (around $4). Osmos is also available in the iOS store.

[youtube id="jrzhlTn1_ds" width="600" height="350"]

The game itself starts out very simple but it quickly becomes very difficult. One thing I love about it is the way that levels begin zoomed in on your Mote and slowly but surely the game zooms out to reveal the sheer size of what you are a part of. It’s very paradoxical in the way that you are some kind of bacteria like creature yet as the game progresses the scales involved make it feel planetary.

Osmos is a fantastic game that I would highly recommend to anyone. Got any more games you would like to recommend? Why not head over to our forums and send a recommendation our way.

Osmos The Most Addictive Game Ever!
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