Onward And Upward!

In May, RefuGeeks will be a year old, and what a years it’s been! Thanks to you guys and your amazing support, we have gone from strength to strength and we’re getting stronger every day.

What’s next?

Well, I started out running my blog back in 2011 on Blogger. Back then it was called Jingi Blog and it was just a bit of fun. Soon enough I completely out grew Blogger and moved to a self-hosted WordPress site. At this time I re-branded my blog to RefuGeeks. So one year on and we have continued to grow at a ridiculous pace; and it’s still going!

Jingi Blog in all it's glory

Jingi Blog in all it’s glory

So now it’s time to move on again as we have also outgrown our new host. So over the next few days I will be migrating to a new web host with a lot more space, more power, more bandwidth and generally more awesomeness! Any webmaster out there will know how much work it is to migrate a website. Unfortunately for me, on my host I have five websites, twenty domains and a tonne of email. So it’s a huge undertaking!

Will there be downtime?

Yes, unfortunately there will be, and that’s the main reason for this post. Because of the amount of work involved and the scale of it, there is bound to be some downtime. But I am approaching the migration in such away so that there is as little downtime as possible. So if over the next few days you come to visit RefuGeeks and you see a maintenance window instead of our lovely blueness, or if things just aren’t working as expected; don’t be alarmed as you now know what it’s all about. :)

Thank you!

RefuGeeks would literally be nothing without you guys. You’ve made it what it is, and it continues to grow thanks to you guys. So thank you so much, your supported is noted and very much appreciated.

I’d also like to thank all the guest authors who support me here on RefuGeeks, particularly François kevin Bile Ebelle, Pete Mazzaccaro & Ulrich Gero who regularly contribute awesome posts here on RefuGeeks (amongst many other great authors of course!)

So this is a big thank you to every one who has helped & supported me over the last year to make RefuGeeks the success it has been. Here’s to the next year with our great new host!


Onward And Upward!
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  • davebowlin

    Looking forward to the new place. RefuGeeks is an awesome geek place. Only thing that I see could make it better is an IRC channel maybe. Just a thought. ;)

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