One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY TWO


21/07/2015 10:14

So it’s day two and I have to admit, I’m starting to get pretty frustrated now. My Nexus 7 is fine for doing things like sending emails and a little bit of browsing, but now I’m using it for ‘heavier’ things, like long emails, documents and most importantly, managing this site.

I’ve only published a handful of articles via my tablet (two of them being guest posts so they don’t really count) but the whole process is so frustrating, I’m finding myself flipping from the WordPress Android app, to the actual website admin backend constantly. It wastes so much time.

I’ve managed to get HootSuite working now, so I can post to the rest of my social media – don’t know how though, it just started working. Maybe I did something wrong initially, I’m not sure.

I briefly mentioned that I am using my tab for a lot of typing, namely long emails and documents. My girlfriends roommate had a problem with her laptop last night and asked me to have a look. It felt so good to have a keyboard under my fingers again – I felt so much more productive. I’m really starting to miss the laptop…

21/07/2012 00:03

We’ve been having some drinks tonight with friends (hence the late update and more than likely many spelling mistakes) and we decided to listen to some music. Not wanting to go down to the car and get my iPod (and seeing a chance to further text my tablet) I decided to stream some music to my tab via the Ubuntu One music app. The results were great, the streaming was brilliant and the sound excellent, in the end we decided to plug my tablet into the stereo via a jack plug to get more amplification – brilliant!

So far, this is the first time were I have genuinely thought that my tablet was on a par with my laptop – maybe this is the turning point I’m waiting for. Look forward to day three tomorrow… Night world!

One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY TWO
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  • Patrick Elliott-Brennan

    I would seriously consider getting Swype – much better than typing on a small screen.

    I would also suggest that something like the ASUS Transformer is far better for what you’re doing, or at least will make it easier. The Transformer (which I own) has a decent keyboard. Not as good as using a Lenovo X200 (also have) but much better than using any touch device.

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