One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY THREE


22/07/2012 17:45

Ok, so it’s a sunny Sunday afternoon here in England, I’ve been out at the Zoo all afternoon with my lovely girlfriend so I haven’t really had a chance to do much geekery on my tablet. Plus my in box has been quiet due to it being a Sunday.

However, I have been doing general things like catching up on Google+, replying to the few emails I have received and also watching some videos on YouTube (namely the Haye vs Chasora fight that I missed last weekend – well done Haye!). The video playback on my Nexus 7 is very good indeed, the picture is very clear and as I mentioned last night, the sound is excellent.

Although I haven’t been doing anything even close to strenuous on my tablet today, I am really missing my laptop. I’m starting to realise that I usually only spend a couple of hours on my tablet, then, when I need to do some ‘heavy lifting’ I turn to my laptop. Obviously I haven’t done that for 3 days now and it really starting to take its toll on me.

Apart from the obvious problems I’ve mentioned in days one and two, I just feel like I am generally less productive than I usually am when using my laptop. Anyway, the world comes alive again tomorrow so I’m sure I’ll have a much more in depth update for you guys, so until next time amigos, adios.

One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY THREE
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