One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY FOUR


Today I’ve been working through my mountain of daily emails and in the process I’ve been doing things like manipulating documents in QuickOffice Pro, sending and receiving emails and also general things like checking Google+.

With it being Monday today, I have been much busier than on previous days, so I have really felt it today. I’ve just finished posting the Jumpshot article, it should have only taken 20-30 minutes to complete but on my tablet it took nearly TWO HOURS! I’m falling further and further behind and getting far more frustrated with the whole situation, so much so that I have actually been close to throwing my tablet with frustration.

So, for both my sanities and my tablets sake, I have decided to end the experiment early.


At the start of this process, I wanted to see if I could use my tablet as a viable replacement for my laptop. After 4 very long and very frustrating days, the answer to this question is a resounding no. I’ve hit obstacle after obstacle, all of which have slowed me down in one way or another. I’ve actually found myself getting angry at times when trying to do the simplest things like add a hyperlink to some text in an article.

I’ve written this article on my laptop, I have to say that it’s joyous to have a keyboard and ‘proper’ OS back. The last 3 days, the articles I have written have taken around 45 minutes to complete. This is longer than all of them and taken only 10 minutes….I think some people will now begin to understand where I am coming from with my frustration. Tablets are great toys. But for me, they are definitely not a viable work aid.

On a side note, QuickOffice Pro for Android is atrocious - stay away from it.

Have you ever been stranded with just a tablet for an extended period? I’d love to hear your experiences in the comment section…

One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY FOUR
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  • Brian Kanto

    Kev, I bought a touchpad a year ago. Let’s just say, it quickly went to my wife. She only ever opens her email, reads news articles, or shops. I asked her, how she could work on something that was so hard to work between multiple windows. She said why would I want to do more than 1 thing at a time. She is, who tablets are made for.

  • Michael Bennett

    tablet + external keyboard + ssh. This lets me do just about everything but decent media processing, plus I can use the resources of my computers at home.

    I should note, I do this with an Acer A500, rooted and running a custom rom.

    Tablets without external keyboards are like swimming an ocean in a straight jacket.

  • NoOneHereYet

    Well, have to agree, day 2 with my tablet. Makes life easier but just no way I can replace my Linux machines….

  • Luis Carvalho

    Same here. Spent a full week without the laptop only with my tablet. I end up not doing anything but read. It was great as a vacation, but I can’t imagine depending only on it for anything.