One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY ONE


19/07/2012 23:57

Ok, so this is the second post I’ve written on my tablet, the first being the announcement of this week with only my tablet…

Unfortunately it’s a case of so far, not so good. The announcement post of around three paragraphs would have ten mere minutes to bash out on my laptop – on my tablet it took over 45 minutes! This is because I couldn’t upload a picture from the WordPress app for Android. So that means that all these posts for this week will be text only – sorry guys, if I try to add images then I will be bald with stress by the end of the week.

I also had trouble posting to social media. I managed to do it to my personal Google+ Page, but once again I’m finding that the Android app is limited and doesn’t support Google pages so I can’t post to the RefuGeeks Google+ Page from my tab. Finally, HootSuite wouldn’t let me publish any messages for some reason – so no Twitter or Facebook either. At some point I will probably install the separate FB & Twitter apps on my tab, but for now I’m too tired, frustrated and can’t really be bothered. More to come later…

20/07/2012 09:30

So for this morning I’ve been catching up on emails, Google+ and some other bits and bobs including a couple of documents that have been sent to me. Luckily I have QuickOffice Pro on my tablet (I am bought it with the £15.00 of free play store credit I got with the Nexus 7) so managing and manipulating the documents was a breeze. Unfortunately for me, one of the documents was an ODS file and QuickOffice only seems to support Microsoft formats… I’ll have to come back to that. So far so good this morning…

20/07/2012 18:44
I’ve still not had a chance to work through the issues I’m currently having, to recap they are – HootSuite not posting to social media, not being able to manage ODS files in Android & now a new one… I can’t seem to upload this post vis the WordPress for Android app. So, I’ve had to log on to the server, copy all this text then reformat it from within WordPress.

So far I am really frustrated – I hope things get easier on day two. By the way, I’m sorry for any spelling mistakes, I simply can’t be bothered to go back and fix them! See you all tomorrow for day two…

One Week With Only My Tablet: DAY ONE
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  • Linux Rants

    Ouch, sounds like things are not going so well. I’m curious, have you tried the speech to text for long bits of writing? I didn’t use it during my week because I have a TouchPad with CM9, and I haven’t updated it since they fixed the sound. Microphone doesn’t work on mine. I’m curious if it works well enough to make it worth utilizing.

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