Official Nexus 7 Accessories Announced

I’m currently sat at my desk in work, with my shiny new Nexus 7 winking at me and begging to be used – but I don’t really like to take it out of my bag when I’m out and about for fear of damaging it. At the moment, I have a cheap (but pretty good) folio case from Amazon along with a screen protector on the screen.

So, like many others I imagine, I am really looking forward to Asus (the makers of the Nexus 7) getting some official accessories out on the shelves. Today I found out that this is going to happen soon. In a blog post on, they announced that they would soon be stocking a number of official accessories for the Nexus 7.

The official accessories that have so far been announced are as follows:

Rotating Stand Case

Normal Stand Case

Folio Case

Bluetooth Keyboard Case

Screen Protector

Personally, I’ll be looking out for the swivel case. They are all available to pre-order now through

Official Nexus 7 Accessories Announced
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