New RefuGeeks Forum Is Live

As I’ve mentioned many times on RefuGeeks; I want us to be more than just another blog. So today we are launching our brand new discussion forums. My vision for RefuGeeks is to build it into a fantastic community of like minded people that all enjoy each others company, but unfortunately this just isn’t attainable on a blog.

As of today the forums are live and open for you guys to register and join in. With it being a brand new addition to the RefuGeeks infrastructure there will be changes over the coming days and weeks. So if you do decide to join (I really hope you do by the way!) and you notice that something is missing, broken or that the forums could benefit from then please feel free to contact us via PM in the forums or the contact us page on the site.

Not just support

The RefuGeeks forum has a support section to it but this isn’t the main premise of the forum, far from it in fact. I think it would be daft to have a forum full of geeks and not have any kind of support section (so that we can help each other) but this is far from the main driver for the site. It’s a community, not a support forum.

So if you want to get involved with the brand new RefuGeeks community forums then please head over to the forums and hit the register link at the top of the page, say hi and start chatting. I’m extremely excited about the new forums and I hope to chat with you there soon!

New RefuGeeks Forum Is Live
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