New Microsoft OS “Windows Blue” Coming This Summer


Back in October 2012, Windows 8 was release to the world with a very elaborate advertising campaign and promises of opening your eyes to a whole new world of computing. Unfortunately though, the up take of Windows 8 has been poor at best. With even Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen publicly saying that there were parts of Windows 8 he found “confusing”.

Since October the Microsoft elves have been busy at work and details have leaked online about a proposed new operating system due this summer. Code named “Windows Blue”, reports say that the development of Windows Blue is already past half way developed. But instead of being a full blown operating system to replace the awful Windows 8, Windows Blue is going to be released more like a service pack for Windows 8 giving users a host of bug fixes and new features.

The only feature that has been leaked so far are improvements to the “search charm” which will apparently do a better job of finding online content like movies and apps. Windows Blue is thought to be a free update to users who are already running Windows 8. At the moment the details are quite thin on the ground but as more details come up, RefuGeeks will be sure to give you them.

Unless Microsoft decide to drastically change the look and feel of Windows to make it less touch centric on non-touch devices (which I think we all know they won’t) then I think Windows Blue won’t really make much difference for many users and Windows 8 will continue to be the flop it’s been so far.

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New Microsoft OS “Windows Blue” Coming This Summer
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