Mythruna Takes Minecraft To The Next Level

I’m sure most people reading this article will know about Minecraft, but for those who don’t – Minecraft is an old school game that is based on blocks (like Lego on steroids). There are two modes to Minecraft, free play and adventure. The former is a totally customisable sandbox world were you have unlimited blocks of many kinds in order to make pretty much anything you like. The latter is designed to be a little more challenging. You need to mine for different elements and ores then use these to craft ever increasing types of tools, furniture and food. During the night evil monsters come out to kill you so you need to ensure you build and maintain a good home.Minecraft is massive and used by many millions of people across the world. Unfortunately though it can be problematic on Linux, having a pretty hefty memory leak on the .jar file (this may have been patched since I last use Minecraft). I’ve not really played Minecraft much, but in the short amount of time that I did play it (a couple of hours) it managed to fill my 8GB RAM and cause my machine to crash.

Today I found a very similar game that is designed for Linux (but also available on Windows & OSX), it does have some extra features in addition to Minecraft. Mythruna combines various role playing gaming elements with an endless, living, and completely changeable, randomly generated sandbox world.

Mythruna is being developed using Java (just like Minecraft) and looks similar to Minecraft. However, it aims to be different by introducing old-school role playing experience, along with mining and crafting. Personally I found Minecraft boring after an hour or so, with the added incentive of role play gaming maybe Mythruna will take Minecraft on to the next level.Mythruna is still under development by one person (Paul Speed) and is completely funded by donations. At the moment Mythruna is on a pre-alpha state but it’s pretty stable and runs well. So if you give Mythruna a try and like what you see, why not buy Pail a coffee in the way of a donation.

Mythruna Home Page | Download Mythruna

Mythruna Takes Minecraft To The Next Level
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