Mysterious Countdown Appears On Elementary OS Homepage

eOS CountdownYesterday whilst perusing my Google+ stream, my friend and fellow RefuGeeks writer François Kevin Bile Ebelle brought to my attention this mysterious countdown timer that has appeared on the Elementary OS homepage. But whatever could this mean?

Well, looking around the internet we can find a few clues that may give away what this countdown timer means. The first clue comes from Elementary OS creator, Cassidy James where he posted this update on his Google+ stream:

Whew! Lot’s of work to do tonight and this coming weekend. Got a good bit done today already. 

A couple hundred people are going to be very happy in the coming weeks.

Edit: Well, more people will be happy. But a couple hundred will be happy as a direct result of the work I’m doing right now. xD

So what could possibly make a couple of hundred people so happy? Could it be the finishing touches to a new theme, a wallpaper possibly? The next update to the Elementary OS icons…or perhaps something even more awesome.

Well, the next clue we’ve found is a little more obvious. Remember Elementary OS Luna? Yeah, that really awesome OS that the guys at eOS HQ have been working on….well over on their sourceforge page there has been the mysterious addition of a stable folder. So could this mean that Elementary OS Luna is finally coming out of beta and into it’s 1.0 version? I really hope so.

The last time I tried Luna I found it to be a joy to use, it is stable beautiful and very easy to use. Although I’ve stopped using Luna myself, I have been keeping an eye on the development of the distro via Google+ and I have to say, things are looking pretty awesome. So, what do the next 48 hours hold? We really can’t say, but we’re hoping that the Elementary OS team finally say “IT’S READY!”

Looking at the countdown timer it seems that it will end at 00:00 BST on Sunday 12/08/2013, so let’s wait and see what happens. I personally can’t wait. What about you?

Mysterious Countdown Appears On Elementary OS Homepage
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  • sorry

    I would say luna release coming along with the new website. I think the work he is doing is about Luna Cds. lol

  • Daniel Burke

    yeah, it’s got to be the stable release and matching website. Somebody go through James’ trash and look for receipts for flash drives and DVDs.

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