MP6 For WordPress Gives Your Admin Console A Modern New Look

I think we can all agree that the WordPress admin console has a pretty dated look to it. It seems that the WordPress elves agree with this and are working on a new look UI in the form of MP6 for WordPress.

Default WordPress Dash

Above is a look at what the default WordPress admin dashboard looks like on a self-hosted WordPress site. It all looks pretty grey, bland and quite frankly boring. This is the single biggest pet hate I have personally on WordPress. However, with MP6 for WordPress you can turn your admin back end to a much more modern and nice place to be. Here is a look at the same dashboard with MP6 for WordPress enabled:

MP6 WordPress Dash

So what’s changed?

Well, quite a lot actually. Not only have the obvious sidebar and icons changed to a darker, more modern look. But also there are more subtle changes like the general font used around the entire admin console and also the light grey and white backgrounds of the main parts of the console which give a subtle contrast to the background and the important parts of the interface. Personally, I much prefer the look that MP6 for WordPress provides.

This plugin has been created by the WordPress dev’s but they are apparently doing it in secret. On the plugin description they go on to say:

“This plugin is a secret; don’t tell anybody about it.

Simplifying the wp-admin UI is a challenging task, as flattening the icons showed us when you improve one thing it just makes all of the other out of date elements stand out more.

Trunk isn’t terribly well-suited for UI iteration, so this plugin is a chance for us to rapidly iterate in a way people can use and test some new ideas for how to visually tie together the aesthetics of our current wp-admin UI.”

The WordPress elves also go on to state that “MP6 Doesn’t stand for anything” and that the “Existence of this plugin will be officially denied, but discussion will happen at if you’d like to participate.” I think it’s obvious that the “secret” nature of this plugin is very much tongue in cheek.

Enabling MP6 for WordPress is extremely easy, just install and activate like any other plugin and the new look will appear once you refresh. To get the default look back, just disable MP6 for WordPress.

NOTE: This is a plugin that is still in development and is for testing purposes only. Neither RefuGeeks or the WordPress developers can be held accountable for any damage this plugin does (although it works perfectly for us)!

I imagine that the plan is to eventually write a new look similar to this one into a WordPress update, but I can’t speculate how far away that update may be. Logic dictates though that it will probably be on the next major update; but that’s a complete guess.

What do you guys think of the proposed new look? Is it an improvement or an eye sore? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below…

MP6 For WordPress Gives Your Admin Console A Modern New Look
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