Most Awaited Tech Of 2013 [Infographic]

Technology is awesome and every year more and more awesome technology is released for geeks like you and I to drool all over and 2013 is no exception to this rule. There are some fantastic devices that are due to hit the shelves in 2013.

The infographic below shows some of this awesome tech that we have been talking about, and whilst it’s all very exciting I personally think they have left some devices off that I personally am really looking forward to seeing (Ubuntu Phone OS for example). However, it’s great to see so much innovative tech that’s on it’s way to us!

Most Awaited Tech 2013

This infographic has been created by Spinx Web Design

Are you looking forward to seeing any of this tech or is there a device that you are looking forward to more than what’s listed above? Tell us more in the comments below…

Most Awaited Tech Of 2013 [Infographic]
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  • shadowguy14

    I remember the Discovery Channel talking about OLED bendable display, I didn’t think they could actually do it, coolest thing up there the phone :)

  • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

    It could be very interesting to see the Surface Pro, but I wonder what is the interest of creating a tablet which will certainly be more expensive, while that which is already on sale, and relatively accessible can not seem to be sold… For the rest wait and see!