Montior Your Training With Strava

If you’re anything like me then fitness is important to you. I personally like to regularly go out on by bike, out running and I’m also a regular gym visitor. When going out running or on my bike, I usually take my trusty sports watch to time myself, I have a number of set routes that I have saved in Google Maps, so I can then compare my times to see if I am getting better or worse. All of this information used to be kept in a spreadsheet on my hard drive – that is, until I discovered Strava.

Strava is a fantastic tool that uses your phones GPS to track your speed, elevation and the power at which your working out at. This information is then uploaded to your Strava account online so you can view your results on your computer and share them on social media or with friends. Strava also allows you to create segments, so you can split your routes to see where you are going slower or faster. I also find the segments really useful to compete against friends and co-workers whilst on our lunch break. I’m a competitive person, so the segments really make me push myself and I am noticing an improvement in my fitness to what it was before.

There are two apps available from the Google Play store (both are free, as is an online account with Strava) – one for running and one for cycling. The layout is excellent and really simple to use, once you have finished your run/ride you simply click on the upload button and your route, performance & speed will be uploaded via 3G/Wi-Fi to the Strava site.










Overall Strava is a fantastic tool that will help any Android user to stay on target an manage their training goals.

Do you use Strava? If so, why not tell us what you think in the comments section…

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Strava running in the Google Play Store | Strava cycling in the Google Play Store


Montior Your Training With Strava
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