Miguel De Icaza Quits Linux Community

It seems that more and more FOSS tenors gradually leave their offices in the Free community. This week in a note left on his blog, Miguel De Icaza founder of Gnome claims to have decided to leave Linux permanently and migrate to Mac OS X, “What Killed The Linux Desktop“.

Miguel De Icaza

It is no secret that Icaza was never able to hold his tongue whe it comes to speaking out. Recently, the founder of Gnome said that UNIX in general, and Linux in particular, was a “total failure” in terms of desktop OS, and that GNU/Linux distributions such as we know them today have no chance to compete Microsoft and Apple. As well as creating Gnome, he is also at the origin of the Mono project, sponsored by Novell, whose goal was to bring the .NET technology of Microsoft on Linux.

Why all these departures?

Mr. de Icaza lists compatibility issues for the implementation of the same functionality in different distributions. These compatibility issues are sometimes deliberately maintained by developers who want to keep ahead of the other distributions. According to him:

The fragmentation of the Linux platform, multiple incompatibilities of the distributions and even within the same distribution remind me Chernobyl !

[on a Mac] The WiFi just works. Audio does not stop working suddenly. I spent three weeks without having to recompile my kernel to adjust things here and there, without fighting for the graphics drivers or trying to find out why my ThinkPad suddenly became very slow…

The community’s response was not long in coming, already, he has attracted the wrath of Linus Torvalds, creator of Linux Kernel. It’s a shame that the Linux (and in particular the Ubuntu) community is hitting hard times at the moment. But the sporadic nature of the Linux desktop is paradoxically it’s biggest strength, yet also it’s biggest weakness.

Will the Linux desktop ever be able to hold it’s own again Windows or Mac? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below…

Miguel De Icaza Quits Linux Community
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  • George Thomas Stevenson

    I think Canonical is the closest thing to real competition against Apple and Microsoft. It’s just such a pity that as soon as some tough business decisions need to be made the community is all up in arms and ready to burn the evil corporate demons behind Ubuntu. The greatest strength in the Open Source community is its people, they are unfortunately also the biggest threat to its success…

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      I somewhat agree. I agree that in order for a linux distribution to succeed then there needs to be a certain amount of commercialisation. However, I don’t agree with the way they have gone about making such decisions; like the amazon lens and the flurry of never ending new announcements that seem to die a quick death.

      Ubuntu for android and Ubuntu TV to name a couple.

      I think they should have gone about it differently, but I do support the end game.

  • jdkchem

    On a mac the wifi “just works” because you get one choice for wifi. You get what Apple gives you. Who makes such a stupid uninformed statement? How many off the shelf wifi cards have mac support? ZERO!