Microsoft’s Upgrade Causes Problems For Users

A few days ago, I wrote about how Microsoft have upgraded their free email platform Hotmail to a new service dubbed I mentioned in the article that I found Outlook to be very clean an modern looking; but with the trepidations that a lot of users have about Hotmail (such as spam) may well translate over to So I wouldn’t be moving from Gmail.

It’s been around a week since the announcement and there have been a lot  of complaints from users on the Microsoft forums. Users are complaining of problems such as being upgraded from Hotmail without permission, the “go back to Hotmail” link not working & emails being lost during the transition.

[quote]Having used proper, professional Outlook I thought to myself, “what could go wrong?’ Well, almost everything[/quote] This user was ironically named Blue5creen0fDeath

[quote]It looks clunky, hides away the option to change back to Hotmail, keeps opening up new windows and causes confusion.[/quote]

Microsoft has come back to users with a blog post that guides them through the upgrade process, including creating an email address, email aliases and renaming your account to instead of ( becomes an alias automatically). The latter is “a big deal” according to the Microsoft, they go on to say:

You can rename your account to an account, and when you do, your old account becomes an alias, so you’ll still receive email sent to the old account.

Fair warning: Renaming is a big deal. It changes the primary name of your account, which means that you will have to immediately start signing in with the new name (same password) on all your devices, such as your phone, PC, Xbox, etc.

Renaming an account is not something that you can easily “undo”; in fact, there are some cases where it’s impossible to undo. So, please be very sure of your decision before following the steps below.

Also, there are some limitations of rename that you should be aware of:

  • If you use a Windows Phone, you will need to reset your Windows Phone to factory settings, and then set it back up with the new account name. You will lose all personal data on the Windows Phone when you do this, so make sure you have that data backed up. You will need to re-install all your applications on your phone, although you will not need to re-purchase them.
  • It is not easy (and in rare cases not possible) to “undo” a rename. For example, if you rename an MSN account, you can’t rename it back, or if you created your account in one country and are renaming it in a different country, you won’t be able to rename it back to your original account unless you travel back to your original country. Be very sure of your decision.
  • If your account has been blocked more than once because someone else was using your account, you will not be able to rename it. We’re working to remove this limitation.
  • You can rename your account twice every 12 months. If you rename and then change your mind, renaming back into your old address doesn’t count towards your yearly limit.”

Some of these “limitations” complete deal breakers if you ask me, especially since none of this was mentioned in the original announcement blog post. So users may have already renamed their accounts and lost data without knowing it. To me, this looks as if will be joining the likes of ME, Vista & Zune in the list of Microsoft failures. “Email for the next billion mailboxes” - I doubt it.
Are you using regularly? What do you think of it so far?


Microsoft’s Upgrade Causes Problems For Users
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  • tool_box

    Upgrading to has caused three failure for me..

    1. I have renamed my account from to I thought that was going to be a new email address only. But MS, moved everything to and cannot sign into account anymore. MS directs all new emails to
    2. In order to trying get back to account, i removed from alias list in Then i was not able to add it again. Because i cant reply verification code since i cannot sign into account. It is like a joke.. Furthermore, I have realized, i have closed my msn account permanently. because if i send an email to my mail, from anyother of my mail address, failure notice arrives to me suddenly says “mailbox state” is unavailable.

    3. Last one is a big failure which i have caused this by panic. A few days after i upgraded to, i have seen a verification mail in my account sent from MS team for verification of upgrading, which i did not use it. I click some where in the email and i cannot login to my account anymore too..

    Finally, i lost everything now. I think i was not properly informed all of those things.

  • y2b4u3d

    hey I have this sweet short so why I will want that long any way!

  • Fitoschido

    It’s a mess of a webmail service. Google never did such a disruptive “upgrade” of Gmail.

    • Kev Quirk

      That’s very true, Google tend to do small incremental updates so as to not disrupt the user too much. I’ve never liked Hotmail, Gmail is a far superior product IMHO.

  • Godzacon

    Lost all my information including Folders containing financial and other important stuff. Cannot believe Microsoft could design such a trap… no, wait; they foisted that Vista abortion on us!

    • Kev Quirk

      Yet your comment comes from an email address? If a company had treated my important, personal data so frivolously then I would stop using them immediately.

      I am sorry that you lost all of your emails. Unfortunately this is yet another entry in the list of Microsoft failures.

      • Joyce Long

        Kev, are you a moderator here? If so I would like to know WHO authorized MSN to install Outlook for my e-mails?????????? You told Godzacon that you were SORRY he lost all of his info including folders. Sorry won’t get his important info back. I ALSO HAD ALL OF MY SAVED E-MAILS DELETED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY were they deleted and WHO is responsible for it. I had a couple hundred e-mails that I was saving including pictures. ALL GONE!!!!!!!! I along with a bunch of others absolutely hate Outlook. I want the original MSN e-mail back. I am seriously considering deleting my account and going with another e-mail. I would like some answers.

      • Kev Quirk

        Hi Joyce,

        I am the owner of this website, so therefore I am a moderator as well.
        I think your ranting at the wrong person here, both myself personally and RefuGeeks as a whole have absolutely no affiliations with Microsoft or any of its technologies. Unfortunately I really don’t think you’re going to get those answers your after, or those emails back. Many people are affected by this “bug” (Microsoft’s word not mine) and none have got their data back to my knowledge.

        If you want my advice, and this goes to anyone using Outlook/Hotmail/MSN, setup a Gmail account, put a forward on your mail from Outlook to Gmail and forget about Outlook.

      • 1Sony_Ivy23


        Don’t conclude that you lost your mails permanently, and not to use Outlook account. Because I am also faced so many difficulties with Outlook. I lost my confidential mails when PST file got corrupted while synchronization to server.

        I thought it is not impossible to recover my lost mails in this advanced technology. After some days I come to know about Outlook mailbox recovery tool. I verified its demo version first YES it recovers lost emails then I owned licensed key to restore mails back.

      • Kev Quirk

        An outlook PST/OST is a completely different technology to what we are talking about here. A PST/OST is a local of your mailbox on the server and they can be easily recovered using tools like to one you linked to above.
        This is not the same as Microsoft transitioning to a completely new set of email servers and in the process losing a lot of their users mail.

        You are confusing the online email service and Outlook the local email manager that is part of the MS Office suite.

        So it is actially you that is incorrect here. Thanks for commenting though.

  • Godzacon

    Thanks for the advice, Kev; I had a Google account/ Gmail for some years but got panicked by press reports of Google’s illegal use of user data so closed my account. Now opened a new Google account…

  • jo

    The worsh of all is you use name is gone for good and that sucks

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  • space_racer

    LOL… Weird issue I am facing. I can only able to login my account via Internet explorer only, this is ridiculous. I guess MS dont support Google Crome. Sad.

  • Marcella Scotson-Zellmer

    Cant get outlook to work. I am looking into gmail, as I am completely pissed.

    • Kev Quirk

      I don’t blame you Marcella. I keep hearing more and more that people are un-happy with the new system. Such a shame.

      I personally prefer hosting my own emails via Google Apps (or your own server) than most free systems. However, Gmail is by far the best of the free ones.

  • Lorianndy

    I have still been signing in, BUT the page says I have noticed a considerable increasae in SPAM some of which comes directly into my inbox ins tead of junk folder. what should I do

    • Kev Quirk

      In my personal opinion you should move to Gmail. Once you setup an account you can go into the settings within outlook and put a forward on your mail so that any incoming mail to your outlook account is automatically forwarded to your new Gmail address. This will mean that you won’t miss any email that people may send to your old address.

      Any spam that’s forwarded will be picked up by Gmail.

  • wawa

    In the transition from Hotmail to Outlook I lost all my e-mails, personal folders and contacts! Can I do something against Microsoft?

    • Kev Quirk

      Unfortunately not Wawa. If you want my opinion though, I’d recommend you move over to Gmail. I’ve been with Google for many years and not had any problems.

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