Microsoft To Build An XBox Set Top Box

Many people, including myself use their Xbox 360 for much more than just a games console. Microsoft have worked really hard to make the Xbox 360 a fully fledged media centre as well as a great games console.

Personally I use my Xbox 360 to stream video’s from my NAS to my living room and occasionally surfing the web on the new Internet Explorer app for the Xbox. That’s not all you can do though, you can play around in Faceboook, check your emails and steam films and TV programs from the Internet using services like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

Not everyone has an Xbox 360 though and many don’t want to shell out the £200 or so for one. So, Microsoft have decided to create a new set top box that will do all the media capabilities and probably a few extra goodies thrown in for good measure.

At the moment Microsoft have only confirmed their intent to create an Xbox set top box. They haven’t gone into details about specifications, price or features. All they have said is that it will be released in 2013. As soon as more information is released RefuGeeks will bring you the latest.

Would you buy an Xbox Set Top Box?

Microsoft To Build An XBox Set Top Box
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