Microsoft Surface Pro Sells Out In US Online Stores

Yesterday the Microsoft Surface Pro was released to the US market and with the RT version of Microsoft’s tablet being all but a flop, many people were intrigued to see how this $899 device would go down – it turns out pretty well on the face of things.

Surface Pro

When the first Pro devices went on sale over in the US, within hours they were out of stock in the official Microsoft store. Reports are also saying that other online retailers like BestBuy and Staples are reporting that their devices are also out of stock?

So why the sudden surge?

Well I think there are two main reasons for the warmer welcome to the Surface Pro. Firstly, the architecture of the device is x86 (as a pose to ARM on the RT) which means that you can install “normal” applications on the device.

Secondly, the device has more storage than it’s RT sibling, getting as much as 128GB of solid state storage. The maximum amount that the RT can muster up is a measly 64GB. If Microsoft are going to push these devices as a modern replacement to a traditional computer or laptop then the storage needs to be a lot more than 64GB and it seems that the 128GB on offer with the top level Surface Pro is a good start.

The use of a traditional x86 architecture, like that found on many computers and laptops today, coupled with double the amount of storage space really means that the Microsoft Surface Pro does have more to offer than the cheaper (£399) RT. Being able to run corporate applications without having to re-develop ARM versions, coupled with the storage space to store them on is a real bonus.

A runaway success…

Not entirely. You see, the Microsoft Surface Pro has sold out in many places, this much is true. However, we don’t know how many devices these retailers had in stock to begin with. For example, if Microsoft, Staples and BestBuy all had 100 devices each in stock these would sell out very quickly.

I realise that the number in stock was likely to be a hell of a lot more than 100 per retailer but the fact of the matter is that we don’t have any concrete sales figures at the moment so we cannot call the Surface Pro a success just yet. Especially if the Surface RT sales are anything to go by.

Will you by buying a Microsoft Surface Pro or do you want to avoid them at all costs? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section…

Microsoft Surface Pro Sells Out In US Online Stores
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  • shadowguy14

    I don’t intend to buy a Surface, but they look really cool so I can’t blame people for buying them. Now if they have a Linux version of this….I’ll take 4! (for the family)

    • Kev Quirk

      Yeah they do look like really cool devices. However, I’ve heard from numerous people that the keyboards are nothing short of horrendous.

      • shadowguy14

        I’m not at all surprised. Lets just focus on the touchscreen because, you know, who STILL uses keyboards????? ;)

    • Jens Reuterberg

      Appearently the installation of Ubuntu isn’t that tricky

    • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

      And you’re right, because Microsoft has completely barricaded its tablet, no way to even put another Windows system, so Linux …. Simply no way! Even Windows 8 Pro cannot being installed on !

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