Microsoft Provide An Update That Gives Users Cold Sweats

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“Patch Tuesday”, the latest patch for Windows 7 was released earlier this week. And we must say that this event has not passed unnoticed. Microsoft recommends that users uninstall the security patch released on Patch Tuesday, as it is the cause of incidents including BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) with Windows 7.

This update was designed to fix 13 security vulnerabilities, including two “critical” (exploited by hackers to take remote control of computers), and others presented as “important.” After its installation, many users have faced the preferred screen (lol) of Windowsians, the blue screen of death on reboot their machine. Others have faced a CHKDSK every system startup.

This problem seems to be prevalent on machines running Kaspersky antivirus and some third party software. Take a look a this:

Death Screen Of Tuesday For Windows 7

The reaction from Redmond has been quickly released. In a report released yesterday, Microsoft says that they have studied closely what is wrong with patch MS13-036/KB 2823324 and they decided to withdraw the patch from the downloads center. They also go on to give the procedure of uninstall for all those who had already made the update.

Finally, and probably the most important information, Microsoft ensures that the faulty patch does not cause data loss. I do not know about you, but these kind of mishaps push me to get away from Windows as main OS, and me me happy to be a Linux user… And you? What do you think?

Microsoft Provide An Update That Gives Users Cold Sweats
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  • shadowguy14

    I know we all make mistakes, but this is why I use Ubuntu and Chrome OS

    • Kev Quirk

      That’s a good point Shadowguy, however, just to play devils advocate – Windows users could argue that the whole “Amazon Lens” saga was a hefty mistake on Ubuntu’s part. No one is squeaky clean in all this, we all make mistakes as you quite rightly said.

      I’ve updated my word laptop (Windows 7 Enterprise) and I haven’t suffered any ill effects, so it looks like MS have already withdrawn the dodgy update.

  • Bob

    So the security patch issue causes Windows 7 to display a Windows 9x bluescreen? :-)