Make Gold On Your Android With Alchemy

For anyone who doesn’t know, Alchemists were people who believed that they could created valuable elements such as Silver & Gold from basic elements like Iron.

That’s where this games gets it’s name from. You start with four basic elements – Fire, Water, Earth & Air and you have to combine these in weird and wonderful ways in order to create all 380 elements in the game. This game is so simple yet so clever – it earns it’s place on my Android devices as a regular go to time waster.


At first the game is very simple, but as your range of elements grows, you have to combine them in different ways to progress through the game. I’ve been playing this for around 6 months now and I still haven’t completed it (although I’m rubbish at games). Simple games are usually the best for me and they don’t come more simple than this. You can download Alchemy for free from the Google Play store, links and QR codes below.

Alchemy on Google Play

Make Gold On Your Android With Alchemy
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