Linux Google Drive Client Insync Comes Out Of Beta


The third party Google Drive syncing app, Insync has finally lost it’s beta tag for the Linux version of it’s client and it brings with it some brilliant features which the native Google Drive application simply doesn’t emulate.

Cast your mind back to the 28th March 2013. It was an important day and I’m sure many of you can remember this day with the fondness and reminiscence that comes with the memory of any big news. Getting married, the birth of your first child, and of course Insync for Windows and Mac coming out of beta and going stable. :-)

Unfortunately for us Linux users though, the Linux version of Insync remained in beta but it was said that the Linux version hitting 1.0 wasn’t far behind; and now just over 3 months later the guys over at Insync have kept their work. You can download version 1.0.20 of the Insync Linux client right now!


Straight off the bat Insync beats the Google Drive native client as it doesn’t actually exist for Linux. But even if there was an official Linux client, Insync still has it beat with some pretty nifty features. These features are obviously also available in both the Windows and Mac version of the app also.

Insync featuresHow can I get Insync?

Well you can download Insync from their website for Linux, Mac or Windows. Insync is initially free for 15 days after which you need to pay just $9.99 per Google account. To clarify, if you have one Google account but three computers, you only need to pay for Insync once, but if you have 3 Google accounts and 1 computer, you will need to pay 3 times.

This is because you are not paying for the application as such, but rather the services that go with the application. So these services need to be enabled on each and every Google account you wish to use with Insync…and yes, you read it right, you can use multiple Google Drive accounts with one installation of Insync. Pretty awesome for those guys out there who have both a personal Gmail account and a corporate Google Apps account.

Will I use Insync?

Absolutely! At the moment I use Barracuda’s Copy system for my cloud storage but with my recent purchase of a Google Chromebook, plus the 100GB of free storage for 2 years that I got free with my Chromebook, I’m finding myself using Google Drive more and more. So this couldn’t have come at a more perfect time for me really as I also have an Ubuntu based PC which I really need all of my files on.

It doesn’t really matter what I think though, what I want to know what you guys think. Will you be using Insync to sync your Google Drive storage? Or are you already using it? Please feel free to tell us your thoughts below.

Linux Google Drive Client Insync Comes Out Of Beta
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  • billnozick

    Wish it was donation based..

    • Kev Quirk

      Personally, when I donate to something I will always give a minimum of $10 anyway. So at just $9.99 you can’t really complain. If Insync was $30 per year, or something extortionate like that then I would be inclined to agree. But you can’t really complain for the price of a couple of beers.

      • billnozick

        I definitely understand what you’re saying–but who says that 10$ would maximize their profits, perhaps 99 cents would increase that.

      • Kev Quirk

        Whilst that’s true, I don’t think that their profit margins is what’s important here. What’s important is what’s the value of the software to you?

        For me personally it’s a lot more then $10 as I’m sure it is to many others.

      • billnozick

        Oh ya, it sure is worth at least 10$, not denying that–in a perfect world I’d pay 10$. However, minimum wage job entails finding the cheapest way to live. 99 cents is just a no brainer though, and affordable for the biggest slice of population–the lowest class. Numbers, rather than figures works ya?

      • Kev Quirk

        Hmmm I don’t know. You could say that about any software, couldn’t you? Using this rationale, should Microsoft start charging 99 cents for Windows 8? Although, incidentally I don’t think it’s worth that much. haha.

      • billnozick

        ya, who knows.. I don’t know enough about marketing to say either or, but obviously professional suites are a different story. perhaps consumers should just pay for content?

  • jrockefeller

    Loving Insync 1.0 on Ubuntu. They did a great job! No brainer at $9.99

    • Kev Quirk

      Me too. Great system! :-)