Linux Foundation Released UEFI Secure Boot Loader

The Linux Foundation made a promise a while back that they would bring us Linux users a UEFI secure bootloader image to overcome the controversial Windows 8 locked bootloader.

Many people were wondering when this would come to light, and some even thought that the Linux Foundation had, through no fault of their own, negated on this promise. However, a couple of days ago James Bottomley of the Linux Foundation announced in an official blog post that the Linux Foundation has finally got their own key from Microsoft.

Accompanying the UEFI secure boot key there was supposed to be a keytool as well but unfortunately that has been delayed even more than the bootloader itself. James had this to say about the keytool situation:

Originally this was going to be part of our signed release kit.  However, during testing Microsoft discovered that because of a bug in one of the UEFI platforms, it could be used to remove the platform key programmatically, which would rather subvert the UEFI security system. Until we can resolve this (we’ve now got the particular vendor in the loop), they declined to sign KeyTool.efi although you can, of course, authorize it by hash in the MOK variables if you want to run it.

If you want to get your hands on the Linux Foundation’s UEFI secure boot image then head on over to their blog post were direct download links are posted for both the PreLoader and the HashTool. James has also put together a bootable mini USB image for you to download.

For your convenience we have also included download links below:

PreLoader.efi (md5sum 4f7a4f566781869d252a09dc84923a82)
HashTool.efi (md5sum 45639d23aa5f2a394b03a65fc732acf2)
Mini USB Image (md5sum 7971231d133e41dd667a184c255b599f).

This is great news for us Linux users because it means that we are no longer governed by the silly rules that Microsoft have put in place in order for OEM’s to get the “Certified by Microsoft” sticker on their hardware. Another win for FOSS!

Linux Foundation Released UEFI Secure Boot Loader
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  • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

    It is great what they have done, but now the question is to know how it works…

    • Kev Quirk

      I think rather than us as mere users doing this, it will be included in the bootloader and/or the kernel my OS developers.