Is The iPhone Really Worth The Money?

As many people know, Apple devices aren’t exactly the cheapest on the market. But is the old adage “you get what you pay for” really true when it comes to the iPhone?

Well, in this article I’m going to compare two devices that, when released were top of the range – the Samsung Galaxy SII and the iPhone 4S. The reason I have gone for these instead of the latest 5 & SIII respectively is because they were released around the same time and are the closest in terms of specification.

Galaxy S2 Header


Well, in terms of storage space, the devices are both on a par, offering 16GB of internal storage. However, the SII does have a card reader so more can be added, The cameras are the same story – they both have 8MP. But that’s were it similarities end. The Galaxy SII has a dual core 1.2GHz CPU and the iPhone 4S has a measly 800MHz dual core chip. So the SII clearly pips the 4S to the post in specification.

Ok, but are they worth the money? 

I’m not going to get bogged down in specifications, let’s just say that they are of a similar spec. Therefore why can I get a Galaxy SII for around £20 per month whereas an iPhone 4s on a very similar contract will cost £25 per month? Over the length of your average 2 year contract, that would be an extra £120 you are shelling out!

So the specs are the same but the price is a huge 20% more on the 4S. Why? Well, in my humble opinion (and I must stress that this is merely my own opinion) retailers (and Apple) are simply cashing on the little silver logo that sits on the back of the iPhone. The devices aren’t any better than the Galaxy SII in terms of functionality, so why there is no tangible reason for the mark up in price.

This post is somewhat of a rant spurred from a heated discussion I had with a colleagued today. These are my opinions only, I must stress this (before all the Apple users string me up). Don’t get me wrong, Apple make beautiful devices that work really well, however, so do Samsung. The large mark up that Apple put on their devices really isn’t fair but as long as consumers are willing to pay it will never stop.

iphone 4s header

Light at the end of the tunnel

Apple are losing a market share to Android devices, we all know that the market is swamped with them, and with names like Ubuntu Phone OS, Firefox OS and Tizen coming quickly into the market I’m not really sure how long Apple can hold on for. I don’t think Apple will ever struggle now, they’re simply too big. But it would be nice to see them stop duping and exploiting their customers.

Looking at most online mobile retailers, it’s obvious that Android devices are clearly better value for money than their iOS counterparts, however if you do have your heart set on an iPhone you can check out the best deals at retailers like Phones4U (who of course sell a range of Android device also).

What do you guys think? Are Apple devices worth the money or are Android devices just cheap knock off’s? Tell us your thoughts in the comments…

Is The iPhone Really Worth The Money?
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