Installatron – A quick and easy way to install web apps remotely

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Ever wanted to run your own server but also wanted the ease of use that comes with the package installers of hosted services like Softalicious on cPanel? Well, now you can using Installatron.

Installatron is a free to use system, although there are paid tiers that you can utilise that offer more functionality, the free version would probably be enough for most people’s needs. So, how does it work?

Basically all you need to do is sign up for a free account. Once you have done that all you need is a web server with FTP capabilities. You head over to the My Websites section of your account were you can add your URL and FTP details. This works for both top level domains like and sub-domains like

If you intend to add more than one web app then you will need to add multiple websites to your account as you need to specify the path in which Installatron will upload your new web app on each website you add to your account. There are a tonne of web apps to choose from, the whole list can be found here, but they include:

  • CMS systems like WordPress, Drupal and Joolma
  • Wiki programs like MediaWiki (the software Wikipedia uses)
  • Help desk/CRM programs like SugarCRM and Zurmo
  • A lot of misc apps like ownCloud, Piwik, and Tiny Tiny RSS


If you’re familiar with Softalicious then you will be able to quickly pickup and use Installatron. It has many of the same web apps that Softalicious uses but you don’t need to pay for a Softalicious license or have a control panel installed on your web server like cPanel or Plesk (although Installatron will still work if you do).

Installatron also has a plugin that you can use with control panels like cPanel and Plesk, so it can work a lot like Softalicious in that way. This costs just $2.50 a month for a VPS, or $5.00 a month for a dedicated server.

With Installatron free you can use it to update and manage your web apps remotely as well as a means of easily adding web apps to your server that other services like Softalicious may not have in their repository. So what’s the catch? Well, there is no catch. You can have unlimited web app installations on the free account, the only limitation is that you can only update a set number of web apps which I believe is 30 updates in a month. Most users will never hit this threshold though, especially if you only have a handful of apps installed on your server.

Installatron is a great service that will really empower web server administrators to save them time and hassle in managing web apps. It has saved me a lot of time I know that for sure. If you have a web server, whether it be a high powered VPS, an old PC at home that’s doubling up as a web server, or even normal shared hosting, I’d strongly recommend you checking out Installatron.


Installatron – A quick and easy way to install web apps remotely
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