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The Inky email app is a new and innovative way of checking your emails. Think of it like a mixture between your webmail account like Gmail, or Hotmail and a local email app like Thunderbird, Geary, or Outlook.

The Inky email app isn’t just another app that lets you check your emails though. It approaches email in a completely unique way. It’s quite strange at first, but once you get used to it the whole process makes a lot of sense.

Works like webmail

Every time you start up Inky it asks you to sign in to your Inky account, you can of course set Inky to remember your details and sign you in automatically. Once signed in you will have access to any mailboxes that you have added to Inky. You will also notice that the whole interface does act and feel like that of webmail applications like Gmail or Hotmail.

Inky Sign in

Note: Your email will never flow through Inky’s servers. The use of signing in is to simply allow the flexibility of having more than one user check their email on a single computer.

Sort by relevance

The Inky email app scans your inbox for people who are frequently contacted and then can sort your mail by how important it thinks a message is. It does this by way of an ink blot on screen. Basically, the darker the inkblot, then the more important Ink thinks that message is. It works in a similar way to Google’s priority inbox, for those Gmail users out there.

If you’re a traditionalist (like me) and simply want your mail sorting by the date it comes in, then you can do that too. But Inky will still show you the “inkblot of importance”.

Inky inbox

Unified Inbox

If you have more than email address (as most people do nowadays) then you will undoubtedly want to have them both handled within Inky. In many email apps (both online and local) it can be a real pain flipping from one inbox to another in order to check your mail. The Inky email app has a unified inbox that displays all of your inboxes in one place. You can of course still click on your email addresses (blurred above) to see only emails sent to that mailbox.

I personally find this feature very useful as it allows me to quickly go through all my mail that has been sent to the multiple email accounts that I have.

It’s coming to Linux

At the moment Inky is only available for Windows and Mac, but the inky developers had this to say in a recent tweet:

@Inkymail we definitely plan to support Linux.

In response to this tweet they were quickly asked when this would be. But the response was a simple “quite soon”. I’ve heard this before (*ahem* Google Drive for Linux *ahem*) and it hasn’t come to fruition. So let’s hope that Inky’s developers stick to their word!

All in all Inky is a really good email app that boasts some really unique features. However, I won’t be using Inky as a replacement for Thunderbird just yet as I can’t have multiple identities to one mailbox (which is a requirement for me). But still. I think Inky is a great tool, and one that I hope becomes a real success going forward.

What are you using for email currently? Would you consider a move to Inky? Why not tell us your thoughts in that little box below…

Inky Homepage

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Inky Email App – Webmail, But Local
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  • Hildegerd Haugen

    sounds interesting, thanks.

  • RedNectar

    Me too ” I won’t be using Inky as a replacement for Thunderbird just yet as I can’t have multiple identities to one mailbox (which is a requirement for me).”