[Infographic] Worst Jobs in IT

Information Technology. or IT for short isn’t all rosy you know, there are some really rubbish jobs that us IT engineers have to put up with. I’m sure most of the people reading this post who work in the IT industry will be able to sympathise with a least on of the poor souls listed below.

Do you have any IT horror stories or clients from hell? Why not tell us about them in the comments section below…


Source: The Best Computer Science Schools

[Infographic] Worst Jobs in IT
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  • http://www.go2linux.org/ Guillermo Garron

    I’ve climbed towers, and I’ve been in charge of my country biggest Internet connection (network engineer) back in 98.

    The whole country access to Internet was 2.5 megs via satellite

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      I know feeling Guillermo! When I was a soldier and serving in Iraq, it was my teams responsibility (4 men) to keep comms in. We had as 128kb satellite link back to the UK which also served what little internet we had. That was for a whole platoon (over 100 men).

      • http://www.go2linux.org/ Guillermo Garron

        Just for emails :)

        It was a Vsat. 1.2 mts? Ku or ka band?

  • Jeska

    I’ve never even heard of some of these jobs! I don’t why they never crossed my mind, lol.

  • Sathyamoorthy Umapathy

    Kev Quirk !!! I enjoyed visiting your pages. Different and refreshing. Good work. Keep it up. Cheers!!.

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      Thank! Don’t forget to subscribe to the email newsletter, or follow our social networks if you want more! :)