[Infographic] Why It Sucks To Be An IT Guy

I think most the people reading this article will be able to sympathise with this plea!

Anyone who works in IT automatically becomes the receptacle for anything computer related, even though IT is such a vast subject with many specialisations.

For example, you wouldn’t go to an Indian restaurant and order Kung Pow Chicken. Then when the waiter says “sorry sir, this is a Indian restaurant, not a Chinese” you wouldn’t reply with “So? You sell food don’t you? It’s all the same thing.”

Well this kind of thing happens daily in the IT world. Many a time have I seen users asking the web developers why their PC has a virus. Or asking a DBA (Database Administrator) why a website is down. So here is a look at why it sucks to be the IT guy and if you’re guilty of such IT abominations then please take heed. :P




This infographic was kindly created by Orsyp.

[Infographic] Why It Sucks To Be An IT Guy
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  • http://www.linuxrants.com Linux Rants

    I know ALL of those people.

  • davebowlin

    Great article, this should be mandatory for all computer users to read.