IE 10 Comes To Windows 7


Whilst developers have had access to Internet Explorer 10 for some time now, and of course Windows 8 comes with IE 10 by default. Windows 7 users can now start using IE 10 also.

Yesterday IE 10 final began pushing out to Windows 7 users in a staged roll out that is set to last for a few weeks. The update to IE 10 will be automatically handled via Windows Update.

So is it any better?

Well, according to Microsoft, IE 10 for Windows 7 comes with vast improvements in overall performance, JavaScript performance has also been improved upon, as has battery life on mobile devices. My work machine is the only Windows machine I own and that hasn’t been upgraded yet. However, I really can’t see the improvements to be that significant to rival my beloved Chrome.

IE 10

The biggest thing for me that has always been missing from IE are extensions. Both Chrome & Firefox utilise them in order to make our browsing experience more superior – which it clearly as the user stats tell us. IE 10 is “optimised for HTML 5” so maybe this will mean that IE 10 will finally get with the rest of the browser world and start introducing extensions – I really can’t see it though.

What do you think? Will you be using IE 10 as your main browser? Or maybe you’re already using it in Windows 7? We would love to hear your thoughts…

IE 10 Comes To Windows 7
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  • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

    we expected that, because we would be crazy to leave 7 for 8

  • Ajay

    it’s fast & affordable

    • françois kevin Bile Ebelle

      But it uses more RAM than Firefox and Chrome…!

  • Yop Spanjers

    It is not bad at all! But still sticking to Chrome and Opera.

    But you should check out this vid: