How To Use Google Web Fonts With WordPress

Having a unique look to your WordPress blog is very important, it’s what will make you stand out from the crowd and get your site noticed. A subtle but very important customisation that a lot of website creators overlook is the fonts that your site uses.

Having the right fonts for the job is very important, especially if your site in reader centric like a blog. After all, what’s the point in having an awesome custom font if all of your readers have a headache by the end of an article?

For example, take a look at these two blocks of text and tell me which you think is the easiest to read (I think we all know the answer):

molle example

nobile example

As you can see, these identical blocks of text are both extremely different in terms of how easy they are to read. So, what if your WordPress blog doesn’t support multiple fonts, or what if you have an awesome font but it doesn’t display properly because a visitor doesn’t have it installed on their machine? That’s where Google Web Fonts come in!

Google Web Fonts

What are Google Web Fonts?

Google Web Fonts are a collection of free to use fonts that have been created by the community for anyone to use. There are some absolute gems (but some absolute ogres as well). Currently the collection sports in excess of 600 fonts for you to use and the collection is growing all the time.

So how to you use Google Web Fonts with WordPress?

Simple – as with most things in WordPress, all you need is a plugin. I personally use the WP Google Fonts plugin to achieve this, but there are many others available. All you need to do with this plugin is find a font you like from the Google Web Fonts site and then select what parts of your site you want to use the font on – for example, you can use a simple font for body text but a really extravagant one for titles and headers. Save the settings and refresh your homepage to see the awesome new Google Web Fonts displayed on your site. It’s that simple!

Google Web Fonts CP

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How To Use Google Web Fonts With WordPress
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