How To Use Google+ Comments On WordPress

G+ CommentsA couple of weeks ago Google announced that they are enabling Google+ comments in their blogging platform, Blogger. This is great news for those with a blog on Blogger, but what about us WordPress users? Well, devops extraordinare Brandon Holtsclaw has come to our rescue with Google+ Comments for WordPress.

Google+ for WordPressThere have been a raft of Google+ Commenting plugins on, but ironically most of them are based on Brandon’s source code as he’s released the plugins source code.

The thing is though, Google+ Comments for WordPress takes it one step further. Not only can you have Google+ comments, but Brandon has also added the ability to use different commenting systems in a tabulated format. Google+, Facebook, Disqus, and the default WordPress commenting system are all supported.

What’s more, you can enable and disable the different commenting systems from within the settings menu. I had a chat with Brandon earlier on today and he confirmed that he still has a lot of plans for Google+ Comments for WordPress, including the ability to pick the default tab that’s displayed.

If you want to see Google+ Comments for WordPress in action, then all you need to do is look below because we’re now using it here on RefuGeeks. However, for more in-depth news on the Google+ for WordPress plugin, then head over to the plugins home page on CloudHero where Brandon will be sure to keep you all fully up to date on the latest news.


How To Use Google+ Comments On WordPress
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  • Linux Rants

    Hm, looks cool, but when I tried it on, it seemed to break Disqus. I had to roll it back out to get the old comments to reappear.

    • Brandon Holtsclaw

      If that happens on Disqus then you should login to their control panel and tell them to “recrawl” the site, it happens sometimes even without this plugin, its one of the reasons I stopped using disqus.

      • Linux Rants

        Thanks Brandon! As it turns out, the problem was PEBKAC. I misunderstood the “shortname” requirement (it’s been a while since I originally setup Disqus), and the entry I had there wasn’t valid. All fixed up and running like a charm!