How To Save Money Using Your Gadgets

In this day and age, most of us own some form of technology; whether it be a mobile phone, a laptop, a home PC, or even a new, top of the range tablet.  Aside from them helping us to communicate on a daily basis, they also help us to run, manage and organize pretty much every aspect of our lives.

Could you imagine your life today without your mobile phone? Or even, without the Internet? It’s hard to imagine, isn’t it? Because, quite simply, these digital technologies have become fundamental to how we live our lives.

But, aside from helping us to run and manage our lives, these technologies also help to make them better. Starting with our finances.

If like many, you’re finding that the current economic climate is becoming a hindrance to your financial wellbeing, then here are a few ways your little gizmo’s could help save you some of that hard earned cash…

Smartphone Coupon


Smartphone’s are pretty nifty tools. Aside from being able to call, SMS and MMS, they are the perfect example of how technology can help to transform our lives.

Through the help of apps, smartphones today can tell us things like whether our bus is running on time, can manage our social media pages and can even help us to save some of those all-important pennies.

Now, I know what you’re thinking; “Mobile phones? Save money? Surely our mobile phones can’t possibly act like pocket-sized personal finance advisors?” Well, they kind of can – with the help of the hundreds of finance apps available to download.

Whether your smartphone is run by Apple or Android, apps such as Expensify, Fuel School, Mortgage Mentor, Account Tracker and 08 Saver, can all help to save you money on pretty much every financial aspect of your day-to-day life.

Download these, or search on your phone’s app store under the finance section, and explore the top money apps that are guaranteed to help you save more of those precious pennies.

Laptops/Home PC’s

Now, we all know how useful our laptops and home PC’s are; they help us to meet work deadlines, they help the kids to meet homework deadlines, and they also help you to keep in contact with family members and friends all over the world.

But, just like smartphones, they’re also great for saving you money – with the help of that trusty old search engine. Search engines and the Internet play host to thousands of fantastic voucher discount sites, all at which give you great money-saving deals at the touch of a button.

With Christmas just over and most of us being strapped for cash, it’s the perfect time to get online and start saving yourself some money whilst trying to pay off those Christmas bills. Whether you’re looking for money off a top of the range toy for your son, or a lovely new shirt for your other half, simply type in what you’re looking for, for example ‘Lego Promo Codes’ or ‘TM Lewin Promo Codes’ and away you go! Your search engine will hand you a list of all the places you can get money off the item you’re looking for, so saving money with your laptop is simple, quick and easy!


We all like the finer things in life; from listening to our favourite artists, watching this years top blockbusters, and even keeping up-to-date with current affairs, but often, enjoying these things in life can get a little expensive. But, this is where your tablet may just come in handy.

Just like smartphones, tablets allow you to download an array of music, film, television, news and gaming apps that help you to enjoy all of the things you love for less. Often downloading and subscribing to an app allows you to rent or purchase these entertainments cheaper then if you were to buy them elsewhere.  

Do you have a way of saving money with your tech? Tell us more in the comments below…

How To Save Money Using Your Gadgets
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