How To Customise Your Blogger Blog

So yesterday we looked at how to create a new, free blog using Google’s blogging platform, Blogger and whilst the default look of the Blogger templates are pretty good, we’re going to edit our template to make it really pop.

Why should I do this?

Well, in short you don’t have to if you don’t want to. If you’re happy with one of the default templates on Blogger then there really isn’t any need to. However, customising the look of your blog will have a number of benefits, which include:

  • It will give your blog a unique look away from other Blogger sites.
  • You can give your blog an identity, this will put you in good stead if your blog grows and you decide to host your own in the future.
  • Giving your blog a custom look and a colour code throughout will ensure that visitors become familiar with “your look” rather than it looking like a generic blog.

So with all that in mind, let’s jump in and customise our blog. As with the last post, I will be using my new Cat Blog as an example here.

Making a custom look

Initially making your blog look good will be trial and error unless you have a distinct look or colour scheme you wish to go for. If you don’t have a colour scheme in mind then I would start with your favourite colour is and work on that basis. My favourite colour is Blue so I will be using a similar colour scheme to RefuGeeks  in my example.

My Cat Blog Blogger

This is my Cat Blog as it currently looks. It’s quite nice but it isn’t what I’m really going for, I want my blog to really stand out. So this first thing I’m going to do is find a good base theme to work off. I’ve opted for the Grey version of the Awesome Inc Blogger template. I’ve gone for this because it’s a very clean and modern, yet very basic and because of this, I have plenty of room to add my own customisations to the template.

To pick a theme, login to your Blogger dashboard, find your blog, click on the down arrow button to the left of the View Blog button and select Settings. Then from the left hand menu, select Template. You should now see something like this:

Blogger Template ChooserFind a template that you like and click Apply to Blog once you’re happy. Once again, I’ve gone for the Grey Awesome Inc template in my example.

Blogger Theme Choice

Now that the new theme is applied, you can see that my Cat Blog has taken on a modern, yet plain look. Now it’s time to customise it to how we want. To do this, click on the orange Customise button under your blog preview at the top of the templates page. This will then load up a customisation toolbar at the top of the page and a live preview of your blog below.

NOTE: This a a preview only, no changes will go live until you click on the orange Apply to Blog button at the top right of the screen.

The first thing I have chosen to change here is the background image, this is a very quick change but one that can have an very large impact. I obviously love my cat very much so I have opted for a subtle light blue background with little hearts (girly I know). All you need to do is select the background tab from the top toolbar, you can then pick from a range of images provided by Google or you can upload your own image.

If you opt for the latter then I would recommend searching for a repeating background so you can seamlessly tile the background with no joins. This is what I have done on my Cat Blog and here is what my blog preview now looks like. If you want the same background as me then here is were you can find it.

Blogger Background Change

Adjusting Fonts & Colours

Now that we have our nice new background, I’m going to edit the fonts and colours so that they tie in with my new look background. This is very simple to do, just click on the Advanced tab on the customise tool bar then edit the different sections like body text, headers and links until you are happy.

TIP: I would suggest that you use a clear font for the main text so that it is easy for your visitors to read. Some good examples are Ariel, Verdana, Calibri, Droid Sans & Nobile. In my Cat Blog, I’ve opted for Nobile on the main text and Chewy for my titles.

After some tweaking of colours, font and borders, here is what my Cat Blog now looks like:

Blogger Customised

We’ve already customised the colours and fonts on our blog but now we’re going to add a logo. I’m not going to show you how to create a logo as that would take all day but I created mine using a combination of Inkscape and GIMP. However, I will show you how to add your logo to your blog once you’ve finished creating it.

To do this click on the Layout tab on the customisation toolbar. Once you have the layout editor open, click on the Edit link on the header section (highlighted with the Red box below):

Blogger Layout Edit

A popup will now appear. Under the Image section in the popup, select the Choose File button and upload you new logo. Finally click on the orange Save button and the header text will then be replaced with your new logo. Remeber to select the “Instead of title and description” check box if you want your logo to completely replace the header text like on mine.

That’s it! Your Blogger blog has now been customised and should be looking pretty awesome. Here is what my Cat Blog now looks like:

Finished Blogger Blog


As you are probably starting to see, you can create some pretty incredible blogs using Blogger and that’s why I like it so much. It’s not quite as good as a paid for WordPress blog like RefuGeeks, but it will allow you create a really awesome looking blog to get you started out blogging. The next article in this series will be looking at side bar widgets and what you can put in them so keep an eye out for that one!

Have you made a blog using Blogger? Why not tell us about it in the comments…

How To Customise Your Blogger Blog
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