How A Teacher Made A Computer Lab For Free

This is the story of American school teacher, Robert Litt. Robert was given a budget of absolutely nothing to run his computer lab. So after being told that the school he worked for was underfunded (like so many schools) and that he couldn’t have a computer lab for the children to work on – Robert took matters into his own hand.

The biggest cost of the new lab, like many new computer systems was to be the Windows licensing. At this time Robert didn’t know anything about Ubuntu or the fantastic Open Source community that we are all a part of. After some research, Robert learnt about Ubuntu and how much less resource hungry it was that Windows so Robert decided to go with that…

Robert had the software for his computer lab – all he needed now was the hardware. He began to approach local businesses and government agencies to see if they had any old machines that they were going to be throwing out. Soon, Robert was turning down offers, deciding that anything that had less than 512MB RAM or was built before 2002 just wasn’t worth his time. The pictures below show the lab that this fantastic man has managed to create for the grand some of absolutely nothing!

The kids in Roberts school can now learn about formulas in spreadsheets, formatting documents in a word processor and editing websites in Google Sites. Again, all for free! I’ll let Robert explain in his own words how this all came to be:

[youtube id="nZ84GcDGoMw" width="600" height="350"]

I think you’ll agree that Robert is an inspirational person and I for one wish that my teachers were like him when I was in school.

How A Teacher Made A Computer Lab For Free
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  • shadowguy14

    Wow! My school is still using Windows XP on hardware from 2005 at least, I’ll be telling my computer teacher about this