HootSuite – Social Media On Steroids

Social networks are in abundance and we are all addicted too them. I personally have Google+ & Twitter plus Google+, Twitter & Facebook pages for my two blogs. All together that equates to eight (yes eight!) social networks to update. When a new post is released on either of my blogs, it’s nightmare to update them all.

So, after some research I came across HootSuite. HootSuite is a dashboard that accumulates all of your social networks in one place. There are limitations on the free account that only allows you too add up to five social network profiles. The paid for version ($9.99/month) allows unlimited account and Google+ access. So in my free account I have my three twitter accounts (personal, RefuGeeks & DroidHQ) and my two Facebook pages for the blogs.

The really great thing that HootSuite offers is the ability to update all of your social networks from one place. So you create a post, pick the accounts you want to push it too and hit send – job done, all of your social networks are updated. You can even schedule updates to be pushed out at a certain date and time this is great for marketing campaigns.

Wait, there’s more…as well as social networks, you can add RSS feeds and applications like Identi.ca, Youtube & Instagram AND there are Android/iOS apps available! All in all, HootSuite is a very powerful and versatile tool that is an absolute must if you have multiple social networks to manage.

Have you tried HootSuite yet? What are your thoughts on it?

HootSuite – Social Media On Steroids
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