Have Your Own Instagram On WordPress With Pressgram

Pressgram HeaderI’m pretty sure everyone knows Instagram, however, for those that don’t; Instagram is a Facebook owned company that allows users to filter and upload pictures so that they can be shared. It’s a great tool, but unfortunately when Facebook took over at the helm of Instagram they also changed their T’s & C’s to basically say that anything you upload automatically becomes the property of Instagram to use how they see fit. Not good!

That’s where Pressgram and it’s creator, John Saddington come in. John decided to create Pressgram, an app that allows you to filter your images and publish them straight to your WordPress blog instead of publishing to a 3rd party website like Instagram. The advantage of this is that you will always own 100% of your content.

At the moment Pressgram is nothing more than a Kick Starter project, however John has already raised over $35,000 of his $50,000 goal and with 14 days left things are looking very positive indeed.

Only for iOS…

At the moment the plan is that Pressgram will only be available on iOS initially. However, John does mention within the Kick Starter FAQ section that if he reaches his “Stretch Goals” then he will definitely develop apps for other platforms like Android, Windows Phone & Blackberry. Let’s hope he hits those goals so that us Android users get a look in!

Personally I think Pressgram is a great project with great values, and anything that “sticks it to the man” is always a good thing in my book. However, John can only do this with support from the community like us. Pledges start at just $1, so please show your support and help make Pressgram become a reality.

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Have Your Own Instagram On WordPress With Pressgram
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  • http://John.do/ John Saddington

    thanks so much for covering this! i appreciate it!

    • http://www.refugeeks.com/ Kev Quirk

      No problem at all John. Love the whole ethos of Pressgram, I’m enjoying your daily Backer updates and I hope to see Pressgram become a reality….even if I am an Android user.

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