Have A Free Online CV/Resume With Enthuse.me

Enthuse.me is a free tool that allows users to create a free online showcase of all of their skills and expertise. Enthuse.me put quality over quantity with a simple one page profile to show it all off. Here is what the guys over at Enthuse.me have to say about why they created it…

“We created enthuse.me to help you promote yourself and your expertise. Create a one-page profile to show off what you’re good at and why, and hand-pick the best examples of your work, knowledge or passion to prove you really know your stuff.”

I quickly created a new Enthuse.me page to show what it can do. I won’t be maintaining it though as I already have a my own awesome, personal one page website that I actively maintain.

Enthuse Me Page

Enthuse.me is currently in a public beta phase and new features are being added all the time based on user feedback. So there are some drawbacks with Enthuse.me being a development tool, such as the fact that only Chrome is supported at the moment. The positive thing to take from this though is that there are a lot of profile names still available. Having quite a rare surname like Quirk means that profile names are usually available for me. But some of you guys with the more common names may want to grab a good profile name early.

Enthuse Me Setup

Enthuse.me allows you to add a lot of content to your profile from various sources. Twitter, Blogger, YouTube, and arbitrary links/articles are all supported (amongst other things). It’s a great system that is really worth a look if you are trying to get your online identity off the ground.

Enthuse Me Modules

With more and more of us turning to the internet for pretty much everything nowadays, it’s important to have an online presence, but not everyone has the money or time to maintain a self-hosted web site. So tools like Enthuse.me are a must, especially if you work in the IT industry where an online presence is even more important.

Sure you could use tools like LinkedIn, however, having a media rich showcase of what you can do really will give you an advantage over the competition.

Have A Free Online CV/Resume With Enthuse.me
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