Half-Life & Counter-Strike Source Now Available For Linux

A couple of weeks ago we reported that Half-Life & Counter-Strike source have come to Linux via Steam. At that time they were merely beta games and not officially listed as Linux supported within the Steam client. However, yesterday I noticed that they are now both officially listed as available for Linux as well as Windows and OSX.

Steam Screenie

Unfortunately the games are little bit more expensive than we originally thought, with Half-Life coming in at (£5.99) $9.99 and Counter-Strike coming in at £13.99 ($19.99). Still, it’s great to see commercial gaming coming being ported over to Linux, and it isn’t really a huge price to pay for two classics like these.

This really is a very exciting time for us Linux users.

If you want to see what these games look like in action, take a look at our previous beta post for some example videos. Have you purchased these games for Linux yet? Tell us what you think in the comments section…

Half-Life & Counter-Strike Source Now Available For Linux
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