Half-Life & Counter-Strike Now Available On Linux [Beta]

So who likes First Person Shooters (FPS)? I know I do! Call Of Duty, Battlefield and the classic Doom are regulars on my gaming list. So when I heard that the daddy’s of FPS in the forms of Half-Life & Counter-Strike were now available for Linux/Ubuntu through Steam I had to check it out!

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The original Half-Life and Counter-Strike 1.6 have just gone beta. So that means that whilst they won’t display on the steam site as officially supported under Linux/Ubuntu you will be able to download and install them using the desktop client.

The games aren’t that expensive either. With both games coming in at just £5.99 (around $10) each you can’t really complain to have to pay such a small amount for two absolute classics in the FPS world.

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If you want to check out these two classic games for Linux/Ubuntu then open up your Steam client and get downloading (remember not to select Linux in the filters as they won’t show up). Here is a peak of what you have to look forward too:


[youtube id="qobDF0w5qJc" width="600" height="350"]


[youtube id="v_mB6zqPFww" width="600" height="350"]

Please remember that both of these games are currently in beta for Linux/Ubuntu so you may have some problems during game play. Although whilst playing them on my machine they seemed fine (stock Ubuntu 12.04 x64)

Have you played Half-Life or Counter-Strike in Ubuntu/Linux yet? Why not tell what you think about it in the comments section below…

Half-Life & Counter-Strike Now Available On Linux [Beta]
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