Google updates Play Store developer policy – No more Spammy Apps!


Earlier today, Google sent out an email to Play Store developers regarding several updates to its developer program policy. The email consisted of four bullet points that mostly talk about the need to keep misleading, spammy and malicious apps out of the Play Store; including apps that are considered to be fake copies of other popular games (ex. Temple Run, GTAIII) that have unnecessary permissions and collect system information or push annoying, intrusive notifications.

Here are the four bullet points that were most talked about:

  • We’ve added clearer details to the payment policy, and guidelines on how we will handle cancellations in our new subscription billing feature
  • We are restricting the use of names or icons confusingly similar to existing system apps in order to reduce user confusion
  • We are providing more detail on the kinds of dangerous products that are not allowed on Google Play. For example, apps that disclose personal information without authorization are not allowed.
  • We are giving more examples of practices that violate the spam policy.

Hopefully the policy update may put an end to advertisement networks like AirPush, and make the Google Play experience even better.


Via: Android Central, Android Police

Source: Google


Google updates Play Store developer policy – No more Spammy Apps!
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