Google Reader Has Gone. What Now? How about Tiny Tiny RSS?

So today marks the end of the internet as we know it…Google Reader is officially dead! However will we continue to get all of our aggregated content in a way that we know and love?

We’ve previously covered other alternatives like Feedly, but today we’re going to tell you about a great open source alternative called Tiny Tiny RSS which allows you to roll your own RSS system. But why would you want to roll your own?

Tiny Tiny RSS

Helps solve privacy issues

Having your own RSS feed aggregator moves you away from the privacy issues that are plaguing the internet at the moment. We’re not saying that having your own RSS aggregator will make your feeds exempt from online snooping, but having your own does mean that there are no 3rd parties involved that may pass on your private information.

Puts you in control

The death of Google Reader has spawned a lot of new RSS aggregators but how long will they really last? Some are free and others offer a paid for subscription in various forms. But if Google couldn’t make any money of Reader, then do you really think that these guy will be able to? This then begs the question, how long will these services last?

Personally I don’t want to spend more time migrating and getting to know yet another RSS feed aggregator. Tiny Tiny RSS has all the features I need (including numerous Android apps), and the interface actually works a lot like the old Google Reader interface (which I always loved because of it’s simplicity). So because I’m running my own, I don’t need to worry about the service ending as I own the site.

How can I get Tiny Tiny RSS?

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as signing up for services like Feedly, as you need to host the service yourself. This can either be on a hosted web server, like a VPS or “normal” shared hosting (so long as it supports MySQL and PHP – which most do) or on a local machine that has an internet connection.

The installation isn’t all that tricky, and it only takes around 10 minutes to complete. The guys over at Tiny Tiny RSS have written a really great installation guide that helps you through the whole process. To make things even easier, you could use a service like Installatron to install Tiny Tiny RSS on your web server for you.

I’m personally moving over to a “roll your own” mantra for most things now as I don’t want to be too reliant on third parties and brilliant open source services like Tiny Tiny RSS are allowing me to do just that. Are you using a “roll your own system”? Why not tell us your thoughts below…

Google Reader Has Gone. What Now? How about Tiny Tiny RSS?
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  • Linux Rants

    I’m using Feedly right now, but it has some annoyances, and I really liked the way that Google Reader worked. I like what I’m seeing here with Tiny Tiny. There might be an instance of that up and running for me in the near future.

  • Guillermo Garron

    :( I would have loved to see you featuring my installation guide.

    Ok I’ll do it myself :)

    • Kev Quirk

      I actually did it directly through Softalicious, no command line :). Installatron also supports it.

      • Guillermo Garron

        I may have a “fetish” with command line :). But I just love it.
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