Google Launches New Site To Assist Hacked Website Owners

Hacking is a huge problem across the whole of the internet, and with recent stories like Twitter being hacked it’s obvious that hacking is alive and well all over the internet. So Google have decided to step in and help.

It’s not just the big boys

Just because your site isn’t as big as some of the ‘big boys’ who have recently been hacked like Twitter & LinkedIn, doesn’t mean that you’re not in the hackers cross-hairs. A while back we covered the story of ex-Gizmodo writer Matt Honan being epically hacked and his entire online persona being wiped out in a matter of hours; and that was just because they wanted his twitter handle!

RefuGeeks itself over the last couple of days has been subject to a ‘BingBot’ attack whereby it was trying to brute-force its way into our WordPress admin area. This has been a large attack that has affected many WordPress sites all over the internet. Lucky for us though, they didn’t manage to get in and it was easily fixed. However, it did mean that we had to spend time fixing this yesterday instead of bringing you guys news. So it still had an affect on us.

Google’s new hack help site

If your website is successfully hacked then the results can be catastrophic. It isn’t easy to come back from a successful hack as what you’re usually left with is the online equivalent of the burning rubble left after a bombing. So Google have stepped in to offer up some assistance with their new Webmasters Help For Hacked Sites. 

Google are very transparent about the fact that this is by no means an easy process to come back from if you do get hacked. However, they do offer up some advice on trying to prevent being hacked in the first place. We have also offered up some similar articles on protecting and backing up your WordPress site. This means that should the worst happen, you can still do a bare metal recovery of your website should you need to.

While we attempt to outline the necessary steps in recovery, each task remains fairly difficult for site owners unless they have advanced knowledge of system administrator commands and experience with source code. Just as you focus on making a site that’s good for users and search-engine friendly, keeping your site secure — for you and your visitors — is also paramount.

Google’s Webmasters Help For Hacked Sites is a great resource for webmasters to protect themselves from hackers. However, a pro-active approach is always better that a re-active one so I would recommend checking the site out now instead of waiting until it’s too late and having that ‘burning rubble’ on your hands.

Have you had your site hacked? Or do you take a pro-active approach to deter hackers? Why not tell us your thoughts in the comments section below…

Google Launches New Site To Assist Hacked Website Owners
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