Google Launches New Desktop Chrome Apps

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Today marks the 5th anniversary of Google Chrome in all it’s forms, and for this anniversary Google have announced a set of new, groovy desktop “Chrome Apps” for us Chrome and Chrome OS users to take advantage of.

They’re Not Really Web Apps…Well, Kind Of

Anyone who uses Chrome, or the internet for that matter will be familiar with web apps, but these new Chrome Apps aren’t the same as web apps as we know and love them. The new Chrome Apps work just like a normal desktop app. They can access your local computer, save files to it, and do “normal” things like print to your local device.

They even open in their own window that doesn’t sit inside your web browser – just like a “normal” application.

Pixlr Touch

This is Pixlr Touch running on my Chromebook. As you can see, it looks and works a lot like a normal application I can use this this to add filters, crop images, and do things like cloning certain parts of the image. It’s basically the most commonly used tools used in applications like Photoshop or GIMP.

A Lot More Too Come

Currently the Chrome Apps are only available for Chrome OS and for Windows users, apparently Mac OS is to follow in the next couple of months, but there isn’t any news on us poor Linux users…hopefully it won’t be the same as the Google Drive debacle!

Currently there is approximately 30 or so Chrome Apps that you can install including Pixlr (shown above), the popular remote desktop tool VNC, note taking apps like Google Keep and Wunderlist, and a multitude of games (amongst others).


It’s really great to see these kind of web apps that feel native coming to light. As they progress over the next few weeks, months, or even years, it’s becoming obvious that Google’s Chrome OS is becoming a viable alternative to the more common desktop OS’s like Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux.

Watch out desktop, Chrome is coming! 

Google Launches New Desktop Chrome Apps
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