Google+ Gnome-Shell Theme

People who use Google’s social network, Google+ or any Google products like Gmail, Google Docs or Google Drive will recognise the new Google interface that consists of a cool grey colour with contrasting buttons of red and blue. It’s a really modern, clean look – and now it has appeared in Gnome-Shell.

How To Use The Theme

The theme isn’t the easiest to apply, but it does look really good once implemented. Make sure you have user-theme-extension installed. Load the GNOME Tweak Tool (available in Ubuntu Software Center) and go to “Theme” section. Click the Shell Theme box and locate the zip file downloaded from link below. Select the theme in the drop down box.

The icons are a little more tricky to get right and it will require some GIMP knowledge. Import the psd file into GIMP and put each icon into it’s own canvas, resize accordingly, export as PNG to your icon set with the right app name. The default GNOME icon theme uses 256px icon sizes in the overview and dash. The g+ icons were just used for the preview screenshot, it’s not a GNOME icon set.

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Google+ Gnome-Shell Theme
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