Google Drive For Linux Is “In Progress”

Back in December we wrote about a new website that we have produced as a protest to get Google Drive for Linux. Since then Drive4Linux has been a big success yielding over 1,200 signatures on the petition at the time of writing this article.

I originally created the petition after hearing nothing about the development of a Google Drive for Linux client for nearly a year. The only update was a comment on Google+ from Google Drive community manager, Teressa Wu with the following:

“We’re working on Linux support–hang tight!”

That was back in March 2012 and since then there hasn’t been a single update as to the status of Google Drive for Linux. So, we’ve been working hard on promoting the Google Drive for Linux petition and today we’ve received a little bit of good news from Google’s director of product management, Scott Johnston with the following update on Google+:

“Google Drive for Linux is indeed in progress. We don’t talk publicly about release timelines so I can’t provide more detail on that. Thanks for your patience!”

It’s great news to have confirmation from Google that Google Drive for Linux is on the way, however, they haven’t committed to any timescales so we don’t know if that will be next week or next year. I suppose we’ll just have to keep waiting for Google Drive for Linux!

In the meantime, you can continue to show your support by signing our Drive4Linux petition, joining our Google+ community, or following the petition on Twitter. Finally I’d like to thank Steven C for stepping in and helping with the Drive4Linux community!

Google Drive For Linux Is “In Progress”
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  • peterp77

    It would be nice if Google gave us an ETA but at least they’re working on it. Thanks for pushing this Kev.

    • Kev Quirk

      I know, it’s a shame they won’t commit to anything, but hey, that’s Google for you.