Google Drive App InSync Loses Beta Tag and Hits 1.0

insyncInSync, the multi-platform Google Drive syncing tool has finally come out of beta and hit version 1.0 for Windows and Mac, with Linux soon to follow.

InSync gears itself not only as an app that brings much more to the table than the default Google Drive application, but rather a one-stop-shop for cloud storage. Terence Pua, co-founder & CEO of InSync goes on to explain how Google Drive is just the first step…

“Our vision, really, is to do more with cloud storage,” he says. “Google Drive – and even Google – is just a first step.”

“Whether it’s about syncing, whether it’s about backing up, whether it’s about different devices – you’ve got all this data out there and it’s hard to manage in one place,”

What does InSync Do?

Put simply, InSync basically syncs the contents of your Google Drive account to your local machine. However, it does have a number of distinct advantages over the default Google Drive client. In that it seamlessly converts Google Docs formats into their Microsoft counterparts so that you can edit them locally. These changes are then synced into Google Docs format on the cloud so that you can still edit the documents within your browser if needed.

InSync 02

InSync also allows you to share files and folders right from your desktop, it will also allow you to set sharing permissions in much the same way as the Google Drive web interface. Another useful addition is that InSync allows users to pick which folders (including those that are shared with you) are synced to your machine.

What’s the big deal?

Well, the big deal is that InSync don’t only offer a Windows & Mac client, there is also a Linux client (as well as Android and iOS). However, the Linux app is currently still in the Beta (0.9) version, but is expected to go stable (1.0) in the very near future. This is great news for us Linux users as it allows us to use Google Drive within Linux if we want to, as Google have been very slow on the development of a native app for Linux.

Unfortunately, InSync isn’t free. But it’s not expensive either. Costing a mere one-time fee of $9.99* per Google account is a very small cost for such a powerful application. However there is a free 15 day trial available so you can see how good InSync really is.

InSync has been available for a long time in it’s “unstable” beta versions, I myself have tested it and found it to be very good. However, I personally didn’t want to commit to using InSync as I wasn’t sure what they were going to charge once it went stable. Now that I know the cost is so small, I may well be drawn back in and I’m strongly considering moving over to Google Drive.

Are you an InSync user? How are you finding InSync? Is it worthy of the $9.99 or are you using another service? Why not tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

* this cost has nothing to do with Google and is for the InSync service only. If you are using more than the free 5GB of storage then you will still need to purchase this from Google directly.

Google Drive App InSync Loses Beta Tag and Hits 1.0
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  • René Grüner Vangsgaard

    I bought it just now, as I have been a happy user during beta, maybe 6 months. Ii has been running smoothy, unless one time I had problems with a version using lots of CPU. The new version has just synced my Drive (2 Gb) in no time.

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