Google Change Their Storage To Share Across Multiple Services

Google have announced today that they have changed the way in which your account storage is shared across services like Gmail, Google Drive, and your Google+ photo’s.

Before today you simply had 10GB in Gmail, and then another 5GB to use on your storage for Google Drive and your Google+ photo’s. But now the storage is shared across all three services; so let’s say for example that you’re not a big email user and your mailbox is only 1GB, you can then use the remaining 14GB on your Google Drive and Google+ photo storage. Pretty cool hey!

Google StorageThis is an awesome move for many users, as it means that users who don’t require a paid for 100GB Google Drive account, but need more than the 5GB you get for free now have another option. However, if you have upgraded your account, this change will also affect you so you will soon have a 100GB mailbox if you need it!

Google have said that the changes will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks, and this includes us Google Apps customers.

What do you think about the change? Are you frustrated that you have had to upgrade when you didn’t need to? Or are you chuffed that you now don’t need to upgrade? Why not tell us your thoughts in the little box below…

Google Change Their Storage To Share Across Multiple Services
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