Google App Launcher allows you to easily access your Google web apps in Windows

Anyone with a Chromebook will be familiar with the Google App Launcher. Basically it’s a small menu that contains all the shortcuts to the Google web apps you have “installed” within Chrome. Now you can have that same app launcher within Windows.

google app launcherPretty much anyone who uses the Internet today will be using at least one of Google’s many services. Whether that be Gmail, Google+, Google Calendar, Google Maps, or even Google Search. But many people, including myself are heavily enrolled in Google’s ecosystem and will use a lot of Google’s services.

Using the Google App Launcher makes this very easy. All it does is add a very simple menu to your Windows taskbar so that you can quickly and easily launch any number of Google Web Apps that you have installed. If you install additional web apps through the Chrome Store, they will immediately be added to the launcher.

I’ve had this little gem on my work laptop that runs Windows 7 Enterprise for a few days now and I find it really helpful. Installation literally couldn’t be easier – so much so that I actually didn’t even notice that it had installed!

All you need to do is head to the Google App Launcher webpage and it will automatically be added to your Windows Taskbar. If you decide you don’t like it then simply right click on the Google App Launcher icon and select “unpin from taskbar”. 

Chromebook users like myself will find this extremely useful. As will many Chrome users I imagine, as you can have links to all your favourite sites at the drop of a hat. Click a link from the Google App Launcher and that site will load on a fresh tab within Chrome. What could be simpler?

Google are taking a lot of steps to blur the lines between native and web apps. I really think the Google have a clear plan for the future and what they want to achieve. Personally I see devices like the Chromebook becoming the norm over the next few years.

What do you guys think, are devices like the Chromebook a fad, or are they the next generation of computing?

Google App Launcher allows you to easily access your Google web apps in Windows
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