Gnome ‘App Centre’ On It’s Way

Anyone who uses Gnome 3 or has any kind of vested interested in the Open Source community will know that the Gnome 3.6 update is well under way. The new version will bring a host of new features and an updated user interface. But today I learnt about an interesting new feature – the new ‘App Centre’.

The new Gnome ‘App Centre’ will sit on top of gnome-packagekit which means that in theory it will run straight out of the box on all distro’s running Gnome 3.x. Before you get too excited, the ‘App Centre’ is still under heavy development and won’t be ready for some time nevertheless here’s a sneaky peak for you guys:

Official mockup of new Gnome ‘App Centre’

I’m almost positive that a lot of people will be comparing this to the Ubuntu Software Centre. I wonder how the finished article will stack up against it? Personally, I find the Ubuntu Software Centre to be slow an clunky so this could be a viable alternative. What do you guys think?

Gnome ‘App Centre’ On It’s Way
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  • FatGiant

    Great news there. I do hope it works.

    Thanks mate…